Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph Best Starter Builds

With the highly anticipated Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph league right around the corner, players are asking on a daily basis in both the forums and on Reddit what builds people are going to start the new league with.


BUFFED: Arc (Chain range increased 40%), Soulrend (50% higher duration). LMP does more damage, Chill and Shock now have more impact. SRS has improved targeting.
NERFED: Orb of Storms, Lightning Spire Trap, Onslaught, Smoke Mine and Stormblast Mine have been nerfed (while leveling). Mirage Archer and Point Blank have been nerfed. Minion Movement Speed (Mindless Aggression is now 10%, Ravenous Horde Speed Halved), Feeding Frenzy (10% less damage), Zombies (Slam less damage and often, Base damage reduced 25%) and obtaining a 3rd spectre have been nerfed. Icicle mine damage has been hit very hard.
MORE: Monsters have higher resistances and armor (take less physical damage). Unique monster life increased 10%. Bosses enhanced with more life, skills/attacks.


The official 3.9 patch has not dramatically impacted the efficiency of any listed build in this overview except for the 3.8 Zombie Meta build (which was expected) and Icicle Mines (which received a huge damage nerf). SRS doesn’t use Feeding Frenzy or Ravenous Horde, and only loses 20% movement speed from the Ascendancy change. It’s AI was upgraded so it should Delve better than in 3.8; as such, SRS will still be rock solid. I have added a Bonus Build Guide Reference to the below list for Arc and Soulrend since they were buffed!

NEW! I have also included a link to a compiled list of Streamer Recommended builds below.


Skip Straight to the list!

I want to preface by saying I spent weeks testing each one of the top builds (and many in the follow-up list) as SSF/Leveling to end-game to verify their viability as they compare to each other as potential league starters for 3.9. This includes verifying their performance while leveling on as little as a 3-link to Act IV, their overall survival, bossing, clear speed, and scaling potential based on the first and second day of the league (which is often more SSF for players until the market grows and stabilizes).

Relative to this overview, I want to acknowledge how important play style is. Some people hate totems while others only play totem builds. Some like Melee while others love bow builds. The diversity of PoE is one of its greatest features, but also one of the most complex aspects of the game. While a build may be listed as “best” or “top”, some players may disagree because of the style(s) they prefer – but one thing is assured – the builds listed herein are all rock solid and viable for their represented roles as great league starters for 3.9 Metamorph.

Path of Building is required to view many of the below builds. Additionally, make sure you have a good loot filter. I personally recommend NeverSink’s Loot Filter.

Qualifying the Best Starter Builds

Before I present the list, I want to say something very important: just because it’s on the top list doesn’t mean it’s a “best build”. I’m presenting this list based on my personal experience as well as the feedback of other gamers and streamers. I’m sure there’s a few solid builds that could make the top 5 list that I have either overlooked or personally don’t care for the play style of (but others could really enjoy). One thing to keep in mind is 3.9 Metamorph focuses on boss killing; as such, I’ve chosen builds that in addition to clear speed and survival, are very good at taking down bosses.

Top Starter Builds Adjusted for 3.9

I created the above list of builds based on my personal experience from 3.8 and the changes from 3.9. Zombie Necromancer dominated in 3.8 but with the nerfs, it’s no longer on top. There are also numerous builds on the above list that aren’t just as good as others for starting in 3.9 Metamorph.

When it comes to a league starter, my core goal is to have a build that can easily handle yellow-tier maps on self-found gear and farm enough currency to “kickstart” any other build I want to try; but I also want a build that is capable of growing into and handling nearly all content if I want to stick with that build for a long period of time.

In addition to the above, here are the qualifiers I used to put together the list:

  1. Easy to Gear (SSF to T6-T10 Maps).
  2. Easy to acquire skills during leveling.
  3. Works on 4L to T6 Maps.
  4. Good Clear.
  5. Good Bossing.
  6. Solid Survival (most are HC Viable).
  7. Can Delve “well”.
  8. Fun to play.

Let’s get started!

The 3.9 Metamorph Best Starter Builds List

Note there are more than 20 build guides/PoB links below. If the build you were hoping to find isn’t in the top five, check the following section!

Here is the list of what I believe the top five Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph top Starter Builds are, omitting the pursuit of the new Ranged skills and minion nerfs. I also cover a number of other builds after the list for reference.

Make sure you check the Notes section of any PoB you download; that’s where most of the leveling information will be found!

#1 Physical Skeletons Necromancer

Pros: Cheap, Start at Level 10, Good Clear, Very Good Bossing, Safe, HC Viable.
Cons: None
Play Style: Self-Cast Minions at Location, Phys Damage. Meat Shield Zombies.
Build Link: PoB Link (Notes section has leveling information), Pure Physical Skeletons Build by viperesque

The reason this build wasn’t originally #1 in the list is because everyone expected Skeletons to get directly nerfed like Zombies. They did not. The Skeletons skill went untouched, with the only impacting adjustments being the ascendancy, ravenous horde and feeding frenzy (which affected all minion builds). As such, Skeletons will probably be the highest DPS minions this league, and they are an amazing starter. They will clear a bit slower than SRS but they will have higher boss damage, which is why they are #1. Skeletons received a slight speed nerf with the Mindless Aggression (30% increased speed was reduced to 10%) and Ravenous Horde (movement speed reduced from 28% to 14%) changes, and a hit on damage from the Feeding Frenzy adjustment (10% attack and movement speed vs. 15%, and 15% increased damage vs. 24%). Skeletons were so powerful in 3.8 these changes won’t really impact overall performance.

#2 Holy Flame Totem Hierophant

Pros: Cheap, Start at Level 4, Good Clear, Good Bossing, Safe, HC Viable.
Cons: Totem Play Style can bore some.
Play Style: Channeled Totems, Fire Fire Fire!
Build Link: HFT PoB (Wallach), Link to Wallach’s complete HFT guide

Steady is good, and Holy Flame Totem is exactly that. While Freezing Pulse Totems is my favorite for end-game totem murder, that build requires two unique jewels (First Snow) and a Soul Mantle to really shine. Without Soul Mantle, a socket must be taken by Spell Totem. With HFT you don’t need to socket a ST. The damage is good, bosses melt, and it’s solid to T10 on just a 4-link.

#3 Storm Burst Trickster

Pros: Cheap, Start at Level 12, Very Good Clear, Very Good Bossing, Very Fun.
Cons: Can be a bit squishy; not recommended for HC.
Play Style: Self-Cast Channeled, Lightning & Physical Damage.
Build Link: NEW! Esoro’s 3.9 Storm Burst Trickster PoB, (OLD) SB PoB (Esoro), Esoro’s Storm Burst Trickster Video Guide

I want to preface by first saying I hate squishy builds, and most self-cast builds are lessons in murder and death – often your own. But man, does self-cast Storm Burst kick ass. You can destroy the entire screen in seconds and melt bosses like few other skills (with very little investment). It’s very fun, scales well, and is a great league starter, able to quickly get you to maps. Just be prepared you could die a few times.

#4 Toxic Rain Mines Saboteur

Pros: Cheap, Start at Level 12, Good Clear, Very Good Bossing, HC Viable, Fun.
Cons: Miner play style; nonstop key-pressing and clicking.
Play Style: Ranged Mines; lots of clicking… Poison/Chaos Damage (DoT).
Build Link: TR Mines PoB (Octavian)

We all knew a Miner build would be on this list, but oh boy. Toxic Rain Mines are simply awesome, and in my opinion outperform Icicle Mines (the mine meta for 3.8). While icicle has better clear, TR mines has better bossing and damage overall. Plus it’s just more fun to melt the entire screen with those pods of poisonous death. Toxic Rain received a slight buff during leveling in 3.9, so the mines will be even stronger than in 3.8.

#5 Scourge Arrow Pathfinder

Pros: Cheap, Start at Level 28, Good Clear, Very Good Bossing, Fun
Cons: Charge-up required for tougher mobs
Play Style: Ranged Attack, Poison/Chaos Damage (DoT).
Build Link: thedeathbeam’s Poison Proliferation Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Build Guide.

Another top tier build that’s always been strong and will continue to perform. While Cold Scourge Arrow will possibly be nerfed (since it’s one of the strongest ultra deep delvers) I think Poison Scourge Arrow is in a good place and should remain untouched; but even if it received a slight nerf, it will still function as a rock solid league starter. Scourge Arrow received a “rework” by lowering the damage range while adding base chaos damage.

What about the other great builds?!

There are a ton of other great builds to consider as league starters for 3.9. Here’s the continued list for consideration.

NEW! Here’s a link to a compiled list of League Starter builds by some of the top streamers in Path of Exile. I highly recommend checking it out!

Make sure you check the Notes section of any PoB you download; that’s where most of the leveling information will be found!

  1. Essence Drain/Contagion performs very well during leveling with two 4-links, it just doesn’t perform as well as the above top 5 (in my opinion). You’ll notice it’s not even in the list. I did run it once this league, but quit shortly after maps because I’ve played it so much and it was slower than the other builds. I recommend Ghazzy’s Universal Essence Drain & Contagion build guide.
  2. Summon Raging Spirits (SRS) is a solid league starter. While it’s not as strong as it was in 3.8 (it was top tier at the beginning of the league, but players are having issues with Metamorphs), it can handle all content, but can be a bit squishy because the spirits cannot be targeted (unlike Skeletons). It ignores projectile shields, seeks out enemies, Meat shield Zombies taunt and take the damage, and with Unleash, you can release enough raging spirits to kill pretty much the whole screen in just a few seconds. It’s fast, fun, and doesn’t play like the other minion skills. SRS PoB #1 (Brittle alt w/Meat Shields), SRS PoB #2 (Alley_cat w/Zombies), BrittleKnee’s SRS Build (without Zombies)
  3. Toxic Rain (self-cast, not mines) is a great league starter, but the mines are just so much better. Angry_Roleplayer’s Toxic Rain & Herald of Agony Pathfinder is a great guide.
  4. Icicle Mines is another great league starter, but I enjoyed the other builds more. Here’s a PoB of BeerLeague’s Low Life Icicle Mines Build. Here’s a link to the forum guide. Note it did receive a nerf in 3.9 of 20% damage and fewer projectiles..
  5. Cobra Lash clears well, is fun and is great as a league starter, but has poor bossing damage without investment. Here’s the PoB of a high DPS (5M+) lower life (4.8k) version, and the PoB of a lower DPS (600k) and higher life (6.5k) version.
  6. Orb of Storms and Storm Brand is quick and fun, but it doesn’t perform as well as the other builds while leveling when it comes to bossing (but the clear is fantastic, and it’s rock solid for experienced players rushing to maps). Here’s the OoS+Storm Brand build (27M DPS) I recommend based on sxc’s character. As an alternative, here’s a SSF OoS+SB PoB build. UPDATE! Here’s the latest Storm Brand PoB for 3.9 I recommend (details in notes).
  7. Frost Blades lacks boss damage while leveling with self-found gear and is squishy, but is fun, clears great and is amazing at end-game with the right investment. Here’s a PoB based on Unchained’s 40M DPS version.
  8. Cyclone Impale Slayer is solid, tried and true, but is very slow to level up without solid gear investment (compared to the top 5 list). Here’s a PoB based on Duel Wield Ahn’s Might. It rocks, and is a great league starter because Ahn’s Might is very common and cheap.
  9. Blade Vortex is a solid build and comes in many flavors (poison, cold, etc.), but it’s generally squishy and a bit clunky to play. It’s close proximity also requires knowledge of tougher boss fights. Here’s the PoB of a solid Poison Blade Vortex build.
  10. Caustic Arrow is fantastic (one of my favorites), but it’s very slow to level and has boss damage issues without good investment. Here’s the PoB of one of the highest DPS (3.3M) Caustic Arrow builds in Blight. Caustic Arrow received a 12% damage buff in 3.9.
  11. Bane is fun, fast, and solid, but doesn’t boss nearly as well as the top builds in the list. Some players also prefer Bane with Essence Drain rather than Contagion. Here’s the PoB of a Bane ED Trickster. It’s solid.
  12. Lacerate Gladiator is one of the best builds I’ve ever played, but it required substantial investment to get good end-game damage and must be leveled as something other than Lacerate (Cleave, etc.). Switch to Lacerate around level 50. If you want a HC viable build that can delve to 600 and do Uber Elder deathless; this is it. Here’s the PoB of this fantastic build. Here’s another variation by Dunkelvieh showcasing his version of the build.
  13. Rain of Arrows Poison Pathfinder is a ton of fun. It’s faster clear than Caustic Arrow but bosses a bit slower. Here’s the PoB of this build. It’s fast, fun, and is a great farmer. Here’s a link to Astarift’s Pathfinder Poison RoA build (the one I ran, which rocks). Rain of Arrows received a 10% damage buff in 3.9.
  14. Freezing Pulse Totems is one of the best totem builds in the game; balanced for clear, bossing and delving, once you get the jewels and “good” equipment, you can do all the content PoE has to offer, which includes shattering the entire screen. It’s just not the best league starter because you need two First Snow jewels and a Soul Mantle to make it really work. Once you have those, the build rocks. Here’s Wallach’s Freezing Pulse Totems build guide.
  15. Vortex Trickster is solid for those who like the play style, and for end-game it’s one of the tankiest and most steady builds out there, capable of doing all content. Leveling to 28 with Stormblast mines is cake (and fun), and unlike Occultist, the Trickster variant can start using Vortex at 28. Vortex is also one of the best delvers in the game. It’s just a bit slow to ramp up, requires a switch to CI around level 70-75 and is a different play style from other builds. It’s also a bit squishy prior to CI due to the combination of life and ES (both around 1500 in SSF/league start before transition to CI), but once you get Ghost Dance and Escape Artist, it has great survival and solid damage; and the cold slows everything down. Here’s a PoB based on Gryphenprey’s build.
  16. BONUS: Arc (Elementalist or Totems) is one of the most fun and visually satisfying skills to play, and with Arc getting a buff in 3.9, this could be a great league-starting option for Metamorph! Here’s a link to Enki’s Arc Elementalist build guide. Here’s also a link to Havock5700’s Arc Totems Build Guide. Arc’s chain range was increased by 40% in 3.9.
  17. BONUS: Soulrend Trickster is a solid build guide (I actually ran it in 3.8, but it’s performance was just “ok”). With the buff from 3.9, Soulrend could become one of the best new league builds/starters. Here’s a link to Syreith’s Soulrend Trickster build guide. Soulrend received a substantial buff of 50% higher duration in 3.9.
  18. So you’ve gotten to the end of this list, but you’re hellbent on playing Zombies again in 3.9 even though they’ve been nerfed? Fine! Here’s the KING OF ALL SUMMONERS ZOMBIEMANCER & SPECTRES ON STEROIDS. I ran this build in 3.8 and it was everything it claimed to be. Even with the nerfs, this build will probably be just “very good” instead of simply “insane” in 3.9.


There are definitely other great builds that could have made it on the list, but I believe the above list is solid for what we’ve learned in 3.8 and what should carry to 3.9 Metamorph as Top Starter Builds.

I hope this list helps the PoE community; here’s to the continued success of Path of Exile and the fantastic job Grinding Gear Games has done with the game!

  1. Elemental Hit is not a solid league starter compared to the other builds because of the unique gems it requires (which are very expensive the first week of the league).

  2. Absolutely; Dying Sun isn’t even “required” for this build; it’s just shown as good for end-game Best In Slot (BiS). The build rocks on just a 4-link all the way to T6+ maps with just self-found gear.

  3. I found Vortex/Cold Snap to be very slow and the damage was poor during leveling SSF/New League compared to the other builds (on a 4 link). However, if you have a specific build you want me to review, I’m happy to give it a shot over the next few days and see if it changes my mind?

  4. Hey David Allen!

    After reading your 3.8 top tier I tried The OoS/Storm Brand Assassin and I wanted to say thank you ! 800h on this game and It’s by far my favourite build 🙂

    I dont know if I’m gonna start with this on 3.9 because of the boss dmg, cause as u said, it’s not top tier… But for farming bow div card early league, I think it can be worth..

    I think it’s going to be OoS/SB assassin or Poison Scourge Arrow Pathfinder.

    Anyway thank you for your work, it’s always a pleasure to read you 🙂

  5. Hello and thank you for your work.

    Im wondering : SHould I start OoS or Poison SA… I fear the ”scourge arrow additional pod” price enchant :/

    What do you think about it?

  6. Thanks a ton – your support is appreciated! The Storm Brand/OoS build based on sxc’s build actually does more than 26M DPS (it can kill any guardian in <1 second) BUT it requires serious investment. Another issue as a league starter is the gems aren't available while leveling until Fixture of Fate (Library) which can be off-putting to some players, but once you get SB at 28 with 2 brands, the damage (boss included) is actually pretty good. Feel free to ask if you have questions about any other builds!

  7. It all comes down to play style; OoS/SB is solid, but one can’t get SB on a Shadow until L28. OoS focused is for clear and SB focused is more for bossing, so I’d recommend the SB focused one (sxc) for 3.9 over the OoS (Manni) build. You can’t really go wrong with Poison Scourge Arrow – either should be solid for 3.9.

  8. Hi
    Thank you for the list – it is great inspiration.

    I’m curious about your link to the meat shield version of SRS. When I load it in POB, I don’t see any links for zombies…? Am I missing something or is there something wrong with the POB code?

  9. Hey Jay! Thanks for the reminder! I put it in the notes, but forgot to update the actual skill buildout. I’ve posted the updated PoB. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

  10. Yeah, I read the note section, but it’s extremely confusing. Generally when I read a leveling guide it will give you advice as to what skills to use for which levels in order to maximize your leveling efficiency and maybe your notes section does that but it’s very hard for me to decipher the information you’re giving. I did completely miss the link to the PoE official forums thread at the very top of the notes so I was able to get my answers there.

    Great build though. Probably going to play it in 3.9. I haven’t played since 3.5

  11. Hey Edwin! Sorry it’s not written better – I was testing a bunch of builds and just threw it together. Focus on getting the 4L of the Zombies and then evolve SRS as:
    SRS+Splash+MinDam+MPD>>Unleash>Ruthless (in that order).
    The rest should be easy to fit. Feel free to ask any additional questions!

  12. Hello,

    For the SRS PoB #1 (Brittle alt w/Meat Shields) build for the ascend in Notes you list plaguebringer or bone as the last one to pick up.

    However in the tree you have commander of darkness selected. But dont list that in your notes section.

    Which one do you prefer?

    Thanks for your very helpful site. We all appreciate it.

  13. So the Patch note came out and I am torn apart between several builds.

    1/ Going totem arc hierophant. My concern about it is : Is it really good against boss?
    2/ Going SA pathfinder. Cons :IMO items are going to be so expensive (hello helm enchant)
    3/ Being totally stupid and going Deadeye Totem Ice spear just because why not. Cons : Bad boss dmg I guess

    What do you think?

    Also, I wonder how Ranger class is going to shine against hard boss (other than scourge arrow ones). Imo it has never been the “boss killing overlord” class.

    What’s your thoughts?

  14. Thanks so much, this is some great info!

    I wish you had a link to a google doc with your hard data behind the spreadsheet. I would like to drop your “fun” rankings and see more data behind bossing killing and SSF.

    Thanks again!

  15. Yah sorry I didn’t get a chance to synchronize the final version. Honestly either works; I’lll probably go with Commander of Darkness over Bone Barrier.

  16. I wouldn’t do Arc Totems because all of the boss health has been buffed and the resistances increased and Arc was “mediocre” at best in 3.8. I think it’ll clear VERY well in 3.9, but won’t boss well.

    Poison SA Pathfinder should be solid, and I think it’ll perform just fine without the BiS gear.

    I saw a player doing FP Totems in a staff and Ice Spear totems in their chestpiece; they used FP for clear and Ice Spear for bossing (and ice spear DESTROYS bosses). So you could get it to work!

    Can’t really comment on the Ranger is going to do with single target this league since all of those mechanics changed.

    I’m going with SRS as my starter 🙂

    I hope I helped a bit!

  17. Hi !
    I’ve been playing for 6 leagues and never did a vortex build. (last league i played pyroclast/icicle and been able to kill uber elder)
    Is it the good league for a vortex build as first char of the league.
    Will i be able to clear fast/farm enough to get some cash early in the league until mid map and then switch into a stronger boss killing build when i have more currencies ?
    While reading vortex description on poe wiki isee that there is a synergy with frostbolt, is it useless ?

  18. So I’m super tempted by the toxic mines build you posted, but it made me realize that every totem/mine/trap build I’ve ever done is spell based, and I have no idea how it works mechanically when your mine is based around a bow skill.

    I see that you need a bow to use the mines — does the mine DPS scale based off of bow DPS just like if you’re using toxic rain without mines?

    If so, is there any concern about the price of bows this league with these being league starters? It seems like getting to maps will be easy either way — I’m just a bit concerned about competing for similar bows to everyone else when it looks to be a pretty heavy bow meta league. Are decent end game bows going to cost tons of currency because of the league meta?

  19. Yes, the Trickster Vortex build is a VERY good league starter; it will boss and clear “well” but more importantly, rarely die. Plus, cold got a buff in 3.9 so it should be even more effective. There’s no need to do Frostbolt with Vortex; only Cold Snap.

  20. Yes, it scales based on your bow “values”, which is nice because the majority of damage from TR comes from the chaos/multiplier, which is inherit to the skill, allowing for awesome damage with a crappy bow. TR mines will ROCK this league. You can do a test run today in SSF if you’d like to get a feel for how it’ll perform at the beginning. The bow you need to craft for TR at end-game is no different than the ED/Contagion bow. They’ll be just as easy to make this league as any other since it’s fossil based. I hope this helps!

  21. I’m kinda curious about the srs was wondering if were using feeding frenzy instead of meat shield or if you can’t taunt bosses so were were using switching inbetween?


  22. Hey

    Im a bit of a noob (only played legion). Is there a 3.9 build guide for Brittleknees SRS build? Not just a PoB guide, I like to be able to read about the mechanics etc to understand a bit more about the build and viable gear options etc etc

  23. Hi, i don’t understand why you choose trickster vortex and not occultist.
    Is there a specific reason ?

  24. Hey Tommie; my apologies, but the details in the NOTES section of the PoB are the only leveling details; but it does outline the skill progression order and where/when you get the gems.

  25. Thanks for the help! I’ve never actually crafted one so I’m not sure — didn’t they effectively kill off the chaos dot bow (and thus, apparently the toxic rain mines one) with the changes to multimodding in the patch notes? I’ve seen a lot of people react to it that way — as if it’s going to be impossible or at least prohibitively expensive to craft the chaos bows that have been popular for the last few leagues.

  26. The storm brand trickster build (26M damage one) what should one focus on for boosting damage in the leveling from 40-70 range while farming currency for buying all that expensive gear? Also how will it deal with bosses while working towards the expensive gear?

    Also what type of gear is best to get first in terms of expensive items?

  27. You’re very welcome! I remember seeing something about multi mod limitations, but I don’t know exactly how it impacts Chaos DoT. If you find out, let me know – and if I learn something, I’ll be sure to share the same. Have a great league start!

  28. Self casting builds have always been “weak” (squishy) due to their stationary nature; but they sure can be fun (Esoro’s Storm Burst Trickster is one of my favorite self-cast builds). While I don’t play HC, I prefer not to die – ever – so I stay away from self cast builds 🙂 But if you don’t mind occasionally dying, definitely give it a shot! I do think Arc will be more “fun” this league than incinerate due to the range changes. Plus it’s one of the most visually satisfying builds to play.

  29. While leveling, you definitely want elemental/lightning damage enhancements. Call of the Brotherhood should be the first unique you go for (in trade). Once you get two of those, look out! The reality is the build does so well, you simply want to focus on spell and lightning damage while you’re leveling (and rush being able to put 2 brands on a target). With the changes to shock this league, I think Storm Brand will perform very well. I hope this helps!

  30. No, I didn’t get an e-mail, sorry I might’ve emptied my spam ><. But! I do now see it above, sorry I'm blind and didn't realize it was in response to me, but I see the incinerate comment now. Thank you!

  31. If I recall we use the normal Lunaris and Grathkul, but I’d have to re-run the build to see where it’s deficient – but that should be a solid starting point!

  32. Hi, I started off with the Necro Skeleton build (your #1), but I see now that the viperesque guide seems to be very SFF related. I don’t play in the SFF league – is there any uniques that would improve this build strongly and should be used, or should I start over with another build guide since I don’t play SFF?

  33. Actually, it’s rock-solid for trade league. I’m currently running it and steamrolling all content. Hit L80 with 0 deaths and killed every Metamorph boss. I think it’s one of the strongest builds in the game (currently). Give it a shot – you won’t be disappointed!

  34. Thanks for feedback, I will go on with this one 🙂 I play your Crunchybones build in GD too, minion builds really fit my lazy play style 🙂

  35. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I will try some of you’re recommended builds later on. What i could recommend People now as a starter is the storm burst trickster. Man is this one hell of a satisfying build. My favorite so far. Wish i crossed it sooner. Good luck and have fun everyone. And again, thanks for all what you’ve put up here.

  36. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for the great work you produced and shared.
    I chose to start with HolyFlame totems.
    I have one question i cant seem to find the answer yet : What makes you summon totems by pair of two ? In the PoB file, it’s talking about that in notes, but in the skills there is not mention about multiple summon totem support gem, so i’m assuming there is another mechanism allowing it, yet i can’t find it.

  37. 173/5000
    what do you think about the specters. These are popular in this league. What do they look like compared to skeletons?
    I started with SRS. Will change to skeletons significantly increase survival and boss killing?

  38. Spectres are great for pushing HC, but I think Skeletons are best for non-HC. Switching to them will improve survival a fair about since they can be targeted, which SRS cannot. I recommend switching; you won’t regret it!

  39. Although I’m in SSF I’ve gone with the crazy storm brand build; I figured even if I can’t get the top end/rare stuff it’ll probably still be fun and give me enough damage for a league starter. So far I’ve got a 5-link Inpulsa and one Call of the Brotherhood ring. My gear is still trash, but even with this set up the map clear is insane and I’m apparently the top storm brand DPS in SSF currently. Though getting enough life is difficult so it’s quite easy to get one-shot (especially with this league’s mechanics). Just want to say thanks for the great content.

  40. Some top players are using Storm Brand with the new Shock mechanics, and doing very well – I think it was a solid choice! Thanks for the support, and happy hunting!

  41. Well, after a bit of tuning and finding a second Call of the Brotherhood, the storm brand build is turning into a whole lot of fun. I wasn’t expecting the chain reaction effect this setup has, but it’s incredibly satisfying. The most surprising is how this absolutely *deletes* blight… I’ve just been running a few of the blighted maps I’ve found (around t13 since that’s all I have), but by casting your usual OoS+Brand recall you can wipe out an entire lane in one cast. I highly recommend this build and I’m really happy to have tried it out!

  42. Great to hear! Yes, it can do some serious damage and was great at clearing blight lines. sxc’s build did over 27M damage (he could 1-shot guardians) and that was before the Shock overhaul. With BiS gear, the build can definitely do all content and metamorphs in 3.9.

  43. For the storm brand build how do you manage to activate zealotry, wrath, Herald of ice and thunder, and precision? In the PoB even the original build has a negative reserved mana number.

  44. That looks like an interesting version. Im at 92 with the other SB build so not likely to change now. Awesome if you know how all the auras were squeezed into it, it just looks impossible with the mana reservation, even with the gear in the build notes. Thanks for answering and posting these articles. Great work and deeply appreciated.

  45. You’re welcome, and thanks for the support! Let me know how things go! I really enjoyed the Storm Brand Inquisitor, except it was rather squishy – but one of the biggest issues is the fact GGG hasn’t fixed the Sound FX for Corrupted Blood, so that easily kills the build quite often (without the jewel).

  46. Hello, I’m starting at PoE, I had already played for fun, but I never finished the acts, and I found Physical Skeletons Necromancer interesting
    I would like to know if it still works, since we are at Conquerors of the atlas (I don’t understand these league things very much, I’m just a beginner)

  47. Hi David.

    As a beginner and only my second league. I looked up your tier list again this season – im going with Octavian TR build.
    Im just wondering if im missing something, as far as I can tell the PoB link is the old one from 3.8, and not the current one on the char he’s playing at 3.9.

    I can see by the char overview from his account that his tree looks way different than the one linked in your tier list.

    What should I follow – the PoB from the link in here or simply follow his tree on the current TR Saboteur I see him running atm on Metamorph league?

    TY for ure work , awesome dude..

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