Dual Wield Fire & Lightning Gun Purifier

Welcome to a Complete Build & Leveling Guide for the Dual Wield Fire & Lightning Gun Purifier, with a focus on electrical damage for end-game. This build ROCKS, is new player friendly, and scales very well. It can also do nearly all content in the game with the right equipment. If you’re looking for a fun ranged build with a complete leveling guide, this is the place! Note the GrimTools links are at the bottom of the guide.

This build starts out as fire and later focuses on electricity, which is great for scaling. It starts shining around level 30, and really begins to tear through everything around level 60, especially if you have Oathbreakers and Anderos’ Amplifer guns.


This build is NOT recommended for Hardcore. Not because it dies all the time, but because it can be a bit squishy.

This build is based on two builds. One is AKDONG’s extremely popular DW Pistol Purifier. One reason people loved this build so much is because of how strong it was, and the great (and easy) leveling guide provided. The end-game of this build focuses on the electrical build provided by x1x1x1x2 and his Build Diary.

05.02.2019 UPDATE: AKDONG just posted his updated Purifier build for Forgotten Gods. Check it out for reference!

Before we begin, I recommend these mods to anyone playing Grim Dawn, especially new players. Note none of these mods cheat or change the core of the game – they just add quality of life:

GrimInternals (https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/tool-grim-internals/38773
This is hands down the best mod currently out for Grim Dawn. Automatic component pickup and monster name/labeling with legendary drop Sound FX are just a few reasons why every Grim Dawn player should have this.

GD Item Assistant (https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/tool-grim-dawn-item-assistant/30491)
This mod allows the player to store an unlimited number of items they find. This is fantastic because it supports “account building” with extending storage to be anything the player feels is important in the future or for another build.

Item Color Filter (https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/tool-rainbow-filter-item-highlighting/42765
A fantastic visual modifier to the game that shows item prefixes and suffixes in colors based on their damage/resist/skill type. Extremely popular and valuable. Note this is for the WanezGD Tool, which auto-installs and manages the rainbow filter. Download the setup.exe for the Tool.

Resistances are everything in Grim Dawn. If you die, it’s probably because your resists were low. Below is a list of recommended components that are commonly used throughout the leveling process:

Components List

  • 7: Wardstone | 7% Elemental, 15% Bleed Resistance | Amulet & Medal
  • 15: Silk Swatch | 18% Pierce & Bleed Resistance | Shoulder, Chest & Leg Armor
  • 15: Imbued Silver | 20% Chaos Resistance & 15% Bleeding Resistance | Mainhand/Offhand (Toggled Item Skill)
  • 15: Purified Salt | 20% Aether Resistance | Mainhand/Offhand (Toggled Item Skill)
  • 15: Antivenom Salve | 20% Poison & Acid | All Armor
  • 15: Unholy Inscription | 10% Vitality, 15% Bleeding | Hand Armor
  • 20: Runestone | 12% Aether & 12% Elemental Resist | Head Armor
  • 20: Soul Shard | 20% Vitality Resistance | Ring, Amulet, Medal
  • 20: Mark of the Traveler | 8% Movement Speed & 10% Slow Resistance | Boots
  • 24: Sanctified Bone | 18% Vitality, 12% Chaos | Chest & Head
  • 24: Aether Soul | 16% Aether Resistance | Amulet & Medal

Augments are the most important thing for end-game and require honored or revered reputation with a faction to access them. [b]Rule of thumb: as soon as you hit Honored with any faction (which will begin to happen in Elite mode), immediately buy the Writ (for 88,000 iron) that doubles your faction gain.[/b] This will help you get to Revered much quicker, and give you access to the necessary augments to help your resists in Ultimate.

Augments List

The factions a player gets Honored and Revered with first are generally: Devil’s Crossing, Rovers, Homestead, Black Legion, Order/Kymon, and Coven of Ugdenbog. I’m listing some of the most popular defensive Augments below for reference, which can greatly help in surviving both Elite and especially Ultimate.

  • 40: Arkovian Rose Powder | 10% Elemental Res | Rings/Amulet | Rovers Honored
  • 40: Slith Venom | 15% Poison, Acid & Bleeding Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Gazer Eye | 10% Aether Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Corpsefiend Tentacle | 10% Vitality Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Divine Flame | 10% Elemental Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Blessed Ashes | 15% Fire & Lightning Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Consecrated Silver | 12% Chaos Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Necrotic Flesh | 15% Bleeding Res | Rings/Amulet | Order Honored
  • 40: Chillheart Powder | 15% Cold & Vitality Res | Rings/Amulet | Order Honored
  • 70: Venomguard Powder | 15% Poison & Acid Res | All Armor | Rovers Revered
  • 70: Nightshade Powder | 7% Pierce & 10% Cold Res | All Armor | Rovers Revered
  • 70: Bladeward Powder | 10% Pierce Res | All Armor | Devil’s Revered
  • 70: Mogdrogan’s Touch | 10% Poison & Acid Res, 7% Vitality Res | All Armor | Devil’s Revered
  • 70: Kymon’s Blessing | 15% Fire Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Kymon’s Conduit | 15% Lightning Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Demonbane Powder | 7% Vitality & Chaos Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Mankind’s Vigil | 7% Aether Res, 7% Chaos Res | All Armor | Black Legion Revered
  • 70: Kingsguard Powder | 7% Pierce Res, 10% Poison/Acid Res | All Armor | Black Legion Revered
  • 70: Flameweave Powder | 7% Pierce Res, 10% Fire Res | All Armor | Homestead Revered
  • 70: Solarstorm Powder | 10% Fire Res, 10% Lightning Res | All Armor | Homestead Revered
  • 70: Wraithtouch Powder | 15% Cold Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 70: Spiritguard Powder | 10% Vitality Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 70: Spellward Powder | 10% Lightning Res, 7% Aether Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 90: Coven Warding Powder | 7% Elemental Res | All Armor | Coven Revered
  • 90: Coven Black Ash | 8% Pierce and Chaos Res | All Armor | Coven Revered



This is a new and critically important feature introduced with Forgotten Gods that allows the player to convert set items to another item of the same set! And it works with BLUE (non-legendary) set items! The quest to unlock Transmute is given by Kargon in the Conclave of the Three. The quest unlocks after you’ve progressed to the Oasis area. The Tome is found on Canen’s Corpse. It costs 120,000 iron per transmute, and uses 1 Eldrich Essence (which is quite rare, so make each transmute count!). Luckily, a player put together a guide on Farming Eldrich Essence. Remember, if you can craft the helmet of a set, you can transmute those helmets to other pieces. This means you can craft an entire set just from the helmet recipe!


Another technique is to convert a set item to another random set item. This costs 30,000 iron, scrap and crystals (which is a lot cheaper than converting to the same set). A good example of this technique is if you want the Mythical version of a set item (but you have none, and don’t have the recipe to craft the helm), you can take another mythical set item and convert it to a random set item with the possibility of getting a mythical of the set you’re looking for!

Stats: ALL in Physique (don’t worry, you get cunning as you level the masteries and Hawk provides -10% cunning requirement for guns).


While leveling, you’ll find these items to be VERY helpful:

  • 15: 2x Flintcore Bolts (Extra damage Component)
  • 18: Equilibrium Relic (Generic Relic)
  • 25: Squall Relic (Electrical Damage Relic)
  • 40: 2x Oathbreaker (Great damage guns while leveling)
  • 58: 2x Anderos’ Amplifier (Great damage guns while leveling)
  • 60: Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm Relic (End-game relic)
  • 60: 2x Hells Bane Ammo (Can craft at 20 but replace Flintcore Bolts around Level 60 when you’re doing Electrical Damage)


Phase I
Demolitionist: Fire strike (1) → Explosive Strike (7) → Vindictive Flame (11) → Flame Touched (1)
Inquisitor: Ranged Expertise (1) → Bursting Round (1)
Demolitionist: Fire Strike (Max)

Phase II (Inquisitor)
Ranged Expertise (Max) → Bursting Round (6) → Word of Renewal (1) → Deadly Aim (1) → Chilling Rounds (6) → Vigor (1) → Inquisitor Seal (1) → Steel Resolve (1) → Arcane Empowerment (1) → Aura of Centure (Max) → Storm Spread (7)

Phase III (Demolitionist)
Temper (1) → Static Strike (Max) → Blast Shield (1) → Thermite Mine (10) → Blast Shield (Max) → Brimstone (5)

You can fill out the rest as you see fit!


Updated for AKDONG’s New Build!

Crossroad (Eldrich) → Quill → Toad → Rhowan’s Crown (Bursting Round) [PARTIAL] → Crossroad (Order) → Lion → Crab (Word of Renewal) → Crossroad (Chaos) → Ghoul (Vindictive Flame) [FILL ALL] → Solael’s Witchblade (Storm Spread) → Chariot (Aura of Censure) → Hydra → REMOVE 1 point from Ghoul → Crossroad (Primordial) → Eel → Harp (Flame Touched) → REMOVE ToadREMOVE Crossroad (Eldrich, Order, Primordial) → Hound → Solemn Watcher → REMOVE HoundREMOVE Lion → Hand of Ultos (Fire Strike) [PARTIAL] → Empty Throne (1 point)

Old Build

Crossroad (Chaos) → Fiend (Fire Strike) → REMOVE Crossroad (Chaos) → Quill → Crossroad (Primordial) →  Eel → Widow → REMOVE Eel → Crossroad (Ascendant) → Rhowan’s Crown (Inquisitor Seal OR Chilling Rounds) → Hawk → Viper → Ghoul (Aura of Centure) → Lizard → Ultos (Storm Spread) → REMOVE Crossroad (Primordial) → REMOVE Crossroad (Ascendant) → Sailor’s Guide → Crossroad (Chaos) → Dying God (Chilling Rounds) → Crossroad (Ascendant) → Tempest

Stand in your Seal and shoot (I recommend binding Fire Strike to your right mouse button (RMB)). Use Thermite Mines to lower the resists of hard targets, and hit Word of Renewal while in your seal to regenerate health. If you have to run, run – but know outside of your seal, you are very squishy!

With the included leveling guide, GrimTools prior to level 100 isn’t really necessary, but I believe it’s always important to see where you’re going. Below are end-game builds for reference, showing the final gear, etc.

Recommended → AKDONG’s Updated Level 100 Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXqvAg2

Old → Level 100 GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPLdydZ

For Reference → Alternative Level 100: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pmmbyV

For Reference → Alternative Level 100: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p253zlmZ


Below are additional complete build guides you might be interested in!

  1. Hi Requnix, love your website! Have been using it for recommendations for Path of Exile builds and was pleasantly surprised to see you posting builds for Grim Dawn when I started playing recently! The build looks great and leveling has been a blast, but just wanna clarify something. You recommended binding Fire Strike to right click, may I know why? The description says that I get bonus damage if I use it as my default attack, but won’t that only be possible if I bound it to my left click?

  2. Hey Jyven! The binding “location” has nothing to do with it being the default; what matters is if the attack qualifies as a “default attack” (like Fire Strike or Cadence) – you just need to use the default attack and all skills supportive of the default attacks will/can proc. I hope this answers your question!

  3. Hey Requnix,

    I’d like to switch from my DW Fire/Chaos Purifier to one of your alternatives. I just hit lvl 94 on Ultimate, and I don’t know if it’s gear related, or not, but I feel that my build post lvl 80 has gone subpar on all fronts (survivability, dmg, etc). On Devotions I’m using Eldritch Fire, Flame Torrent, Fissure, Meteor Shower, Hungering Soul, Ghoulish Hunger. I get the feeling that Fire/Chaos can never be as potent as Fire/Lightning combination for Purifier, but maybe I’m missing something, if you could suggest a build based on Fire/Chaos I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Awesome website btw.

  4. Great guide, leveling this right now. Just got to level 50. Do you have any good armors or guns for around level 50 I should be using? Would be good if the guide had a few armor pieces to look out for.

  5. The Items Section lists the below two – I think those are still the best:
    40: 2x Oathbreaker (Great damage guns while leveling)
    58: 2x Anderos’ Amplifier (Great damage guns while leveling)

  6. Thanks! Unfortunately I’m not familiar with a Fire/Chaos DW Purifier build offhand – the best thing I can recommend is doing some digging online. I’m sure somebody has done it. My apologies – I wish I could help out more on your questions! You can also ask in the GrimDawn Subreddit.

  7. Thanks for your reply, I’ve been looking around the Grim Dawn forums recently. I just wanted to ask one thing, I’ve got the Tempest on the devotion tree by following your guide. But I only have enought points to put 1 point into the first node. I’ve respected the ones you told to remove but still only left with the +40% damage node. Is ths correct or is there more nodes I need to remove from begining in the tree.

    Thanks once again!

  8. In the end, you’re supposed to put 3 points into Tempest; did you remove the center leftover nodes? (Chaos/Primordial/Ascendant)

    Feel free to post a GrimTools and I can look at it!

  9. Hi Lewis I found out for devotion you dont put all points in Ultos and Dying God (they each can be substract 1 point), that will leave 2 more points for a total 3 points in Tempest

  10. Hi, nice build.
    But i dont get why to get dying god devotion – it has chaos and vitality damage. And we want fire + lightning. Is it mistake?
    Btw is there a way to get Oathbreaker somehow or do i have to wait till it drops?

  11. You are correct; you want to use the updated build by AKDONG – I’ve modified the guide to set it as the recommended tree. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. I cant figure out how akdong has his devotion tree path set up anyone have a rough idea of how he did it?

  13. If i follow your new Devotion Guide, i can’t get Solemn Watcher. Cero points are left, before i can get it. So i can’t remove the points.
    But if i remove 2 points from hydra, i can do it. But then u have only 4 poins left for Ultos.
    To get this u need 56 points and in your order u have then also one point 4 Throne???

  14. I just plugged it into GrimTools to verify, and it works fine — are you accidentally completing Rhowan’s Crown? Remember, you only put 3 points into it (vs. 5). I updated the order to say [PARTIAL] so people are reminded not to complete Rhowan’s Crown. Other than that, the order works perfectly.

  15. Checking the updated devotions path it seems I am lacking that one point to put into Empty Throne at the end, even if I don’t fill out the left hand in Hand of Ultos.

    I have checked this three times now in Grim Tools and I always come to the same result. Maybe I am not following your instructions right? (And yes, I only put 3 points into Rhowan’s Crown and removed 1 from Ghoul)

  16. Hi,

    first of all, love your work and your effort!

    Would like to know your opinion on Akdong’s choice of going for Chausses of Barbaros instead of, let’s say, Stormcage Legguards which give alot more sustained damage (lightning+electrocute).

    I thought of the passive proc, but I don’t find it big enough to justify this choice…


  17. Correct – it’s quite squishy compared to other builds – but a lot of fun 🙂 Not sure how far anyone has taken it in SR. My guess is it’s not very viable higher than 75.

  18. Thanks! I’m not sure offhand; it’s been awhile since I’ve played and reviewed the builds – comparing the two builds side by side (GrimTools) should reveal any substanrial OA/DA difference, etc. It also depends on what one wants to do – push Crucible, SR, farm Nemesis, etc. Let me know what you find out!

  19. Ty for your reply!

    As what I’ve learned in a topic on steam, those legs are there mainly for its passive proc (especially AS) and physical resistance. Someone suggests going for more physical resist via constellation due to the build’s very low armor (have no clue what to take off from current constellations tho).

  20. [quote]David Allen says:
    July 17, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    Not sure what to say; perhaps you have an extra point in crossroads?[/quote]

    I checked Arkdong’s setup to compare and found where the missing point comes from: Hand of Ultos is not completely filled (missing the hand, upper left). That point then gets put into Empty Throne. That’s not in your description however.

    Thanks a lot for the build though – I just got it to 100 and while I have certainly started to feel the squishyness Certain bosses sometimes just oneshot me on Ultimate) it IS a lot of fun to play.

  21. Ahhh – thanks for investigating that! I’ve updated the guide to include [PARTIAL] for Ultos before the final point into Empty Throne. Yah, it’s squishy (not really HC viable) but is a ton of fun to play – and it can melt certain bosses VERY quickly 🙂

  22. Awesome guide – super helpful for a noob like me.

    One resistance I can’t find listed in your article, or for that matter, as a search criteria in the GD IA is what items or stuff (augments, etc.) will give Reduced Stun Duration. That’s one of the key resistances but this article doesn’t really mention it.

  23. Thanks Olorin! That’s because Reduced Stun Duration is only available on items (as modifier rolls) and not through components. AFAIK that’s the only “resistance” that one can’t enhance with components.

  24. Hi, Just a question I do not see hawk in the New build’s devotions, do I need to put points in cunning now?

  25. AKDONG’s new version puts 6 points into Cunning. Might need more while leveling to use certain items, but you can refund it at 80+ when your masteries catch up. I hope this helps!

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