I first started playing games in 1980 when my father brought one of the first IBM PCs and put the disc in for the Wizard and the Princess by Sierra-online. This got my interest, and since he was working for Control Data Corporation, he began to bring home PLATO terminals and hook into the PCA network via the 300 baud modem. I also remember playing Adventure/Colossal Cave, Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, Rogue, Wizardry, the original King’s quest and more.

This included playing Azteca on the Apple ][e, MULE and Elite on the C64, and other games on the VIC-20. We also had an Intellivision (my favorite game was Tron) and my friend had a Coleco. Of course it’s more fun to play your friend’s game system than your own, besides they had Donkey Kong, and we didn’t!

So I spent the 80’s playing everything I could. While I had friends who played pen and paper D&D, I preferred to play computer games, with Wizardry being the first real “beefy” PC fantasy RPG.

Those were good times!

Played Games

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