Started as a hobby project, Mordor was released in 1995 as a fun “first game” that I wrote in my spare time. Little did I know it would pave the road all the way to Alganon. Written in Visual Basic 4 with the art contracted out to a single person, the game was more of a homage to the “style” of dungeon crawl I grew up with.

  1. Hello David!
    I have Mordor II Darkness Awakening v.0.98b, v.0.990b-0.992b, but now i’m looking for v.0.988b, v.0.987b, v.0.986b and v.0.985b. And i have a question: have you any of this versions? And if you have – can you send me it on e-mail, please?
    I made a patch for Mordor 2 v.0.98 for using more than 3 maze level, and i think in these versions less bugs.
    If you interesting of my patch you can look it at
    Thank you.

  2. I loved the art in the original Mordor, do you remember who was the name of the artist? Always wondered what else he or she did

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Grauken! Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the lady who did the artwork, but she’s definitely in the credits. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of Mordor around to check this – if you have it installed, her name will be in the credits. If you do find it, feel free to post her name here so others can see it. Have a great weekend!

  4. It says in the Credits under Computer Art

    Meg Ross
    Tareh Kryger
    Toshie Yamaguchi

    So I assume it was primarily Meg Ross?


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