Started as a hobby project, Mordor was released in 1995 as a fun “first game” that I wrote in my spare time. Little did I know it would pave the road all the way to Alganon. Written in Visual Basic 4 with the art contracted out to a single person, the game was more of a homage to the “style” of dungeon crawl I grew up with.

  1. Hello David!
    I have Mordor II Darkness Awakening v.0.98b, v.0.990b-0.992b, but now i’m looking for v.0.988b, v.0.987b, v.0.986b and v.0.985b. And i have a question: have you any of this versions? And if you have – can you send me it on e-mail, please?
    I made a patch for Mordor 2 v.0.98 for using more than 3 maze level, and i think in these versions less bugs.
    If you interesting of my patch you can look it at
    Thank you.

  2. I loved the art in the original Mordor, do you remember who was the name of the artist? Always wondered what else he or she did

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Grauken! Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the lady who did the artwork, but she’s definitely in the credits. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of Mordor around to check this – if you have it installed, her name will be in the credits. If you do find it, feel free to post her name here so others can see it. Have a great weekend!

  4. It says in the Credits under Computer Art

    Meg Ross
    Tareh Kryger
    Toshie Yamaguchi

    So I assume it was primarily Meg Ross?


  5. Im 33 years old, and I just want to say that Mordor had a place in my heart since I played it back in 95… It would be awesome to see it again in an online multiplayer version, or even a mobile version (please don’t hate me), to this date I still use some of the sound effects from the game for my computer alerts

  6. Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been approached a number of times about making “Mordor 2020” (or something similar) but just haven’t been drawn back into making games. If I were to return to the industry, I would do an ARPG I designed years ago. The sound FX are quite nostalgic for me as well! 🙂

  7. Hi David,

    Could you write an article about your design?
    I am very interested, and I would expect others too, to read about it.
    I myself am thinking of a game with Diablo I style graphics and atmosphere (dark, gothic, isometric) with the depth of Mordor and Demise guilds (almost endless character building).
    This combination would be awesome in my opinion.


  8. Hey Dave, thanks for the comment! Perhaps one day I’ll put something together. I remember just sitting down one night at my computer and starting to build the Mordor Editor (I built the editor before the game). The rest is history. I think I wrote and completed the code in around 6 months working evenings; it was written in VB4. Ahh, memories. DEMISE was a combination of VB6/C++ and a few other libraries – that was a different project I started around 1997. People have asked if I’ll return to the industry, but right now, I’m just not drawn to build games anymore. Perhaps that’ll change. An article about the history of Mordor and Demise might be interesting, though! I’ll think about it 🙂

  9. Hi David,

    Thank you for your reaction.
    An article about the history of Mordor and Demise from your perspective would be very interesting, but I was referring to something else.

    David Allen wrote:
    “If I were to return to the industry, I would do an ARPG I designed years ago.”

    I would be VERY interested to read about your design on a (new) Action RPG.
    My take on that would be a combination of Diablo I and Demise. Hope that clarifies my previous post.

    What would your take be?

  10. Oh, let’s just say it wouldn’t be like DEMISE at all; or anything I’ve built before in the past 🙂 We’ll see what the future holds… The industry could use a new solid ARPG…

  11. Hey, David.
    I’m back playing Mordor… could you imagine there would be people still playing this after 25 years?
    No story whatsoever, just pure grinding. LOVE IT!
    Thanks for this amazing game!

  12. Hi, another person here back to play Mordor! These games really stood out to me as a kid and it’s so much fun to see all the screenshots again! Thanks for making part of my childhood 🙂

    I have a question–do you remember if Mordor II v.0.98 (or any of the versions before the 3d graphics) were able to run on Windows 3.1 like the first game, or do I need to run them on Windows 95/98? Thank you in advance

  13. Thanks for the feedback! Sadly, I can’t remember anything about the build requirements. Given I made Mordor before I worked at Microsoft, I would guess it was pre-Windows 95, but it should work fine with a Win95 VM. Let me know!

  14. Hi David!

    I stumbled over here wondering “I wonder what David Allen is doing now” because Mordor is one of my favorite games! I’ve sunk countless hours into it over the years, and it still keeps me coming back.

    There’s a small forum (Braindead’s Mordor Site) still going where players discuss their Mordor escapades, anybody who reads this and is interested should definitely check it out:

    It’s kind of crazy that there’s still active players for this game after all of these years. I got into Demise for a while too, but I always found the pacing of Mordor to be better suited to me. The whole XP penalties for multi-classing thing in Demise kinda stresses me out, and my favorite thing about Mordor was the ease with which one could multi-class.

    I’m not as much of a PC gamer anymore mostly due to family commitments, being a father of young children and all, so most of my limited gaming time these days takes place on mobile or console. I would absolutely play the heck out of a game like Mordor on mobile if I knew of one 🙂

  15. Thanks for the feedback, Darrell! Always great to hear how MORDOR influenced other gamers. Have you tried any of the independent dungeon crawler games on Steam like Darkest Dungeon?

  16. You’re welcome David, Mordor was a huge influence on gaming for me! The first dungeon crawler I ever played was Swords and Serpents on the NES, and shortly after I got into Final Fantasy. I was a kid when I first discovered the shareware version of Mordor (I was drawn by the name, being a huge LOTR fan), and I was blown away by the depth of that game which greatly surpassed anything else I had played up until that point. I was also fond of Castle of the Winds and Exile 3 at the time, together those with Mordor were the three nostalgic windows games I played before I got deep into Blizzard titles like Warcraft and Diablo.

    I haven’t tried many other independent crawler games, particularly modern ones. Darkest Dungeons sounds fun, perhaps I’ll give that one a go!

    I’m currently doing another playthrough of Fallout 4, and I recently acquired Borderlands 3 which I’m exciting to get into once I wrap up the pre-sequel. Happy gaming!

  17. That’s awesome 🙂 If you want to try something really amazing, I recommend Valheim. Probably one of the best games ever made (and I don’t say that lightly). $20 on Steam and worth every penny. If you’re married, apologize to your wife for me. She won’t see you very often if you start playing it 🙂

  18. Just got Windows XP installed so I can bash out some levels in Mordor II. The saddest part of my childhood that this never got finished.
    I missed the millennium to the nostalgic sounds of black bears dying and the classic joyful ‘We wish to join!’ before accidentally mushing F and pasting a Warrior and a couple of Pinyls.

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