Started as a hobby project, Mordor was released in 1995 as a fun “first game” that I wrote in my spare time. Little did I know it would pave the road all the way to Alganon. Written in Visual Basic 4 with the art contracted out to a single person, the game was more of a homage to the “style” of dungeon crawl I grew up with.

  1. Hello David!
    I have Mordor II Darkness Awakening v.0.98b, v.0.990b-0.992b, but now i’m looking for v.0.988b, v.0.987b, v.0.986b and v.0.985b. And i have a question: have you any of this versions? And if you have – can you send me it on e-mail, please?
    I made a patch for Mordor 2 v.0.98 for using more than 3 maze level, and i think in these versions less bugs.
    If you interesting of my patch you can look it at
    Thank you.

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