I began tinkering with computers in the early 80’s. From the late 80’s onward, I began to build my own systems, and today I do the same thing. I’ve used AMD but prefer Intel. I’ve built multiple water-cooled systems, replaced components in servers, and know how to properly and safely overclock with the right cooling.

I generally upgrade my computer every 2 years, building a new one from scratch with the near latest technology (I found it’s more cost effective to go 80-90% on the equipment, saves 50% of the cost).

I generally reinstall my OS every 6 months, but with Windows 7 perhaps that’ll change. We’ll see.

Solid State Drive is the way to go for a boot drive, but for storage, a good 1TB drive does just fine.

General Preferences

  • CPU: Intel
  • Video: eVGA nVidia
  • Motherboard: Asus
  • RAM: G.Skill/Corsair
  • Sound: X-fi
  • Hard Drive: Intel SSD (MLC)
  • Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech
  • Router: D-Link
  • Cable Modems: Motorola SB series
  • Servers (non-blade): Dell R series (2950 S3 work as well)
  • Monitors: HANNS-G
  • Sound System: Logitech Z series
  • Coolant Type: Air for CPU / Water for GPU
  • Favorite place to buy hardware: Newegg

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