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  1. Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for your guides! I got into GD about a month ago and got a 2H ranged firestrike purifier to 100. After a bit of farming on that character, I got bored. But then I realized I picked up a lot of BPs for helms and I realized that I had 2 pieces of the Light’s Defender in addition to the BP for the helm. Because some of my purifier gear could overlap with a vindicator, I decided to fire one up and I came across your guide! I’m not sure what happened on the GD forums, but just wanted to say thanks again for continuing the provide your builds, albeit on another site, despite what has happened. Looking forward to updates on vindicator guide as they come around!

  2. Thanks, Matthew! The ST/WD Vindicator is a lot of fun. It’s been requested to create a Primal Strike Vindicator build as well – not sure if I’ll get around to it soon as PoE Legion comes out on Friday. I’m working on a DW Physical/Pierce Tactician (Gun) build right now and hope to have it done and published by Thursday (if it performs really well).

    Thanks again and have a great week!

  3. Hi, I too have recently returned to Grim Dawn after an absence and really appreciate the effort that you have taken to create these guides. Please continue to do more as these have really helped me understand some of the mechanics behind the game and been great in letting me explore some of the other classes.

  4. Thanks for posting your guides!! I have almost 4700 hours into Grim Dawn and did a reset with the release of Forgotten Gods. I’ve been using a number of your guides and having a huge amount of fun.

  5. I have 7 of them on the go but I am really enjoying MR THUMPYSHARTS and BURN THE WORLD as I have never spent much time with either of these types of builds in the past.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for all the builds! I’m currently trying out this scourge arrow slayer build and loving it so far! Only thing I was trying to figure out is why lacerate is in the build setup since it does not work with bows?

    Keep up the good work! love it.

  7. Thanks! Oops – Lacerate and MPD is just to level up the gems for use with another build (or to vaal and sell) – they aren’t used for this build. Sorry for the confusion!

  8. I am currently using the Skelly guide and it is working very well. I wanted to say thanks for all the guides. I am new to the game.
    Is there an Oathkeeper guide /WW style you might have somewhere or know of one i might use.
    Thank you again for all the hard work and making the game for me.

  9. Thanks for the feedback; I’m glad they are helping! With the buff to Skeletons in the latest patch, SIR CRUNCHYBONES should be doing very well!

    The reason I didn’t do an Eye of Reckoning build guide is I couldn’t find one that performed as well as these other builds all the way through to end-game with self-found gear. Fire EoR was the strongest, but it just lost its survival in Ultimate. Archon EoR was the strongest, but it required all BiS legendaries (which wasn’t feasible for a starting build). Without BiS/Complete Mythical sets, EoR just didn’t perform well, and that was before the nerf 🙁

  10. I am really enjoying your guides, and I have found them very useful as a new player. I do, however, have one tiny suggestion. On Hardcore Veteran, because I haven’t unlocked Elite or Ultimate, yet, the Skeletons were getting wrecked in The Putrid Den. I found that a single point in Bone Harvest after the initial 6 in Skeletons solved that problem quite nicely.

  11. That’s great advice – especially with how tough Veteran is now (much tougher than when I made the guide). I’ll put a quick not in with your feedback. Thanks!

  12. Hello! Instead of adding to the build thread I’ll make the CrunchyBones reminder here!

    With GrimTools down, were you able to use the “archive” I linked to see why you added Spectral Binding and Spectral Wrath? It looks like they wouldn’t add to pet support? I can see the RR, but caster will be more than 2m away from things most of the time.

    To that point – from K Ross comment – how is Bone Harvest making that much difference? It again is an attack, and all I see is the -8% movement?

    Maybe these 2 things show a clear lack of concept of GD on my part!
    Thanks again for the time to read my confusion!

  13. GrimTools is back up! It’s actually Soul Harvest (the 3rd in the line of Bone Harvest) that empowers pets – that’s what he meant to say – so one point in Bone Harvest and one point in Soul Harvest. Give that a shot and let me know your thoughts!

  14. Hey Ross! GT is back up – now I can review your recommendation – did you mean a single point in Soul Harvest vs. Bone Harvest? (Soul Harvest is the only modifier that impacts pets). Can you elaborate on your experience mentioned above?

  15. I was a complete newbie and followed your guide from the moment I started playing. I think you need to stress in your guide that once you accumulate your 5000 ion cobalt that you need to place it in your starship inventory.

    I had 10000 ion cobalt which I spent hours mining. I had multiple opportunities to spend it but your guide said not to. I ended up getting killed by sentinel drones and lost the lot because they were in my exosuit. I didn’t know I would lose all of my inventory in my exosuit but keep my starship inventory.

    Please can you stress this in the guide and save someone else a world of hurt. Thanks.

    UPDATE: Never mind. Sorry. I was playing normal so I retrieved my items – phew!

  16. Glad you were able to retrieve the content! The vast majority of players are going to be in Normal mode, so they can retrieve any lost items at their grave. Generally only experienced players will be in Survival or Permadeath – BTW did you die at the egg farm where you get the blueprints? I might want to add something there about the dangers…

  17. Have you completed the Neverwinter upgrade because i am a mediocre player enjoying Rift and a cleric in NWN i cannot play her and stay alive i have made a lumpenclump ‘Barbie’ and tracked through to the undermountain in quick time..i discovered this looking for reasons and some wise assist on the matter

  18. I actually wrote the review right before the “big changes” so I can’t really comment on the game’s current state. My apologies; have you tried the Neverwinter Subreddit?

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